Example of a Standard Page

This is a simple example of a standalone page model in the Lektor-Icon theme. You can make your own by creating a new subfolder off the main content directory with your desired URL path (in this case, example-page) and creating within a contents.lr file with the _model: page. Aside from the short and long titles and sort order, the rest of the file under the body field is just free-form Markdown text, which can include rich formatting, HTML tags, embedded links and images, and even iframes for media an interactive content.

While the pages are currently quite clean and simple, the sky's the limit as far as you're creativity, and you're free to extend the page model with your own custom templates for advanced functionality. You can also style it as you like using our custom stylesheet, like this! By default, it gives you the same capabilities as a blog post, just as a full-on, permanent page. As usual, you can include your own images and content by adding it to this directory, and embedding it as a standard Markdown image.

Spyder IDE logo, a spiderweb overlaid by a red snake

Have fun!