Spyder is a Python development environment with a lot of features.

Spyder is a Python development environment with many features for research, data analysis, and scientific package creation: Editor, Interactive console, Documentation viewer, Variable explorer, Find in files, File explorer, History log

Spyder may also be used as a PyQt5/PyQt4 extension library (module spyder). For example, the Python interactive shell widget used in Spyder may be embedded in your own PyQt5/PyQt4 application.

Download the source code of Spyder IDE


For a detailed guide to installing Spyder, please refer to our installation instructions.

The easiest way to install Spyder on any of our supported platforms is to download it as part of the Anaconda distribution, and use the conda package and environment manager to keep it and your other packages installed and up to date.

If in doubt, you should always install Spyder via this method to avoid unexpected issues we are unable to help you with; it generally has the least likelihood of potential pitfalls for non-experts, and we may be able to provide limited assistance if you do run into trouble.

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Here you can see the main components of Spyder IDE


Multi-language editor with syntax coloring, code analysis,code completion, calltips, go-to-definition, function/class browser, and horizontal/vertical splitting features.

IPython Console

Spyder’s IPython Console implements a full two-process IPython session where a lightweight front-end interface connects to a full IPython kernel on the backend.

Variable Explorer

Shows the namespace contents (i.e. all global object references) of the current console. Also you can interact with the variables, edit them and see this changes reflected in the actual variable!


Spyder allows users to associate a given directory with a project.


Third party plugins under development

Our team

The people behind Spyder IDE development

Carlos Córdoba

Core Developer/Maintainer

Gonzalo Peña-Castellanos

Core Developer

Daniel Althviz

Core Developer

Edgar Andrés Margffoy

Core Developer

Rafael Laverde

Core Developer

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